Camping in Wadi Rum

Camping is free in Wadi Rum, and you are allowed to camp almost anywhere in the park (for the time being), provided you have paid the 1JD entrance fee (which is supposed to be valid for a year). There are camping facilities behind the Rest House in Rum Village, offering two options. The first is to bring your own tent - 1JD per person per night. There are warm showers etc, and a limited cooking facility with a gas stove. The second option is to rent a tent for 6JD per tent per night for two persons. One can also free camp behind and outside the wall of the rest house, which many climbers do, but theoretically one should then not use the Rest House Camp facilities.

There are many great spots to camp or bivy on and around the climbing areas. One very popular place is Barrah Canyon. There is a nice spot to camp and you can belay from inside the tent (if you bother with one) for the first pitch of Merlin's Wand (a excellent, well protected 5 pitch route at 6a+). There are however no facilities, and you will need to take enough water for your stay. The best way to get there is by Beduin Taxi. Check the prices at the Tourist Police at the Rest House in Rum to avoid being over-charged. Arrange to be dropped off with your gear, and then to be retrieved by the same driver on a later day. It is also possable to walk to Barrah, but if you want to stay for a few days and climb you will need someone to bring you some food and water. The Beduin will even come out every day to cook for you if you pay for this.