July 1999
I am currently living in Haifa, Israel, but I am originally from South Africa. I moved to Israel in May 1996 to work for Apco Aviation as a designer and test pilot of Paragliders. I have recently left this job to climb "full time". I married Maria Marinov in June 1999 and we climb every winter in Wadi Rum as much time as is allowed by her study & teaching commitments.

Octeober 2002
Due to the recent political developments it became more difficult for us to visit Rum on a regular basis, but things seem to be stable now. We retuned to Rum for the first time in two years in September 2002, and plan another trip soon.

May 2006
Its been a while and many visits to Rum since my last update on this section, and a lot has happened to me since, the mountains in Rum remain unchanged, access and the village has changed a little, and I am now agaon based in South Africa, after a two year stint in Ghana, while Maria is back in Israel, and visiting Rum on a regular basis during the winters.