What you need in Wadi Rum

There are several basic shops in Rum Village, where you will be able to find the basics needed. If you have a need for less common battery types, any type of gas canisters for camping stoves etc, you best find these in Amman or Aqaba before heading to Rum. Also bring, sunscreen and a hat in addition to your normal camping and climbing gear.

Climbing Gear

Most of the routes in Rum are free, or can be climbed free, you do not need to be an aid climber to climb in Rum, nor do you don’t need aid gear, unless you specifically want to do one of the serious routes like The Red Sea or The Towering Inferno.

Free Climbing

For most of the free routes in Wadi Rum you will need two 50m+  half ropes, but longer is useful if you are inclined to run pitches together. a Full set of nuts, set of cams and some cord for threads and 10 Р14 alpine runners. Climbing in Rum can be very hard on your ropes, and you would be better off having a spare set, in case you destroy, damage or wear out a rope or two.

Aid Climbing

In addition to the above rack you will need a set of varying types of pitons, hammer, hooks, daisies, etriers and perhaps a single rope, or two for leading, fixing, hauling and jumaring etc.

Long Routes

Except for perhaps one or two routes, or maybe new routes you should not need hammocks or portaledges. There are large enough ledges for bivouacs on most of the long routes, take a haul bag and a hauling pulley for these routes, unless you move fast enough to complete them in a day.