This Section is intended to be used in conjunction with a guide book.
It gives only and over view of some of the routes, and the recommended Route List is based on feedback from climbers of which routes are consistently given a high rating, has relatively easy approach, route finding and descent. There are many more classic routes in Rum, so don’t restrict yourself to these, but, if its your first visit to Rum, this would be a good place to start.

Recommended Route List
In the remarks section I sometimes describe details about in situ gear, protection needed, etc. If you don’t want to know – don’t read it! The Star(*) rating is according to my taste – so some generally good routes lose stars because of what I consider to be poor sections.
# – Refers to the route number in Howard’s book.
F.A. – First Accent/Opening Party. “Howard” refers to Howard and Party, “Remy” refers to Claude and Yves Remy, “H&P” refers to Haupolter and Precht.
Grade – Grade given by the opening party / Guide Book
Class – The type/style of route, eg. Bedu – Bedouin, Sport, Trad, Mult – Multi-Pitch (more than 100m), Aid.
Time – the time for accent listed in Howard’s book in hours.
Remarks – Realistic Time, gear and more.
Stars – my rating of the Route. 0 – 3 Stars.

Wadi Rum Recommended Route List Download